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Working up a Thirst

Updated: May 8

On Wednesday 18th August we were joined by a willing group of 10 volunteers from Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) ready to get their hands (and everything else) dirty. The day was organised by our partners Norfolk Rivers Trust who also joined us, they work with CCEP on various environmental projects that the Coca-Cola foundation supports.

The task for the day was to revitalise a shaded over turf pond and use the material dug out to create bee banks, for nesting solitary bees and wasps to use next year. The day was a great success for conservation and the quick work meant the pond was dug and bee banks created by lunchtime. The somewhat worn out volunteers were given the afternoon off, since they had worked so hard and were rewarded with a tour of LOHP fens.

Group leader for CCEP, Vito Donnaloia, field sales manager, said ‘It was great to get the team together and contribute to the community by creating the turf pond and the bee/wasp banks (or bee and wasp hotels as we liked to call them). Myself and the team really enjoyed it – looking after our freshwater environments and the local environment is incredibly important to us. It was also great to understand a little more about what the Norfolk Rivers Trust and Little Ouse Headwaters Project do every day and what you have already achieved. Really impressive.’

If other corporate groups are out there and want to run a team building exercise which really makes a difference, then please Contact Us.

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