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Wildlife gets a helping hand

Updated: May 8

Spades at the ready, seven eager local volunteers donned their wellies to give wildlife a helping hand. Joining LOHP (Little Ouse Headwaters Project) at our New Fen site in Thelnetham, to help create ponds for wildlife, as part of the Big Help Out.

The first pond dug was dug within an hour, after a short break and fuelled with lots of homemade cake the volunteers were raring to go again.

Conservation Manager for LOHP, Ellie Beach said ‘They have done such an amazing job, in such a short amount of time, thank you. It’s great, we now have 2 new ponds, which are so important for all manner of wildlife including invertebrates, plants, birds and mammals. Soon they will be full of wildlife. New Fen is well worth a visit in late June/July to see the wildflowers and catch a glimpse of the ponds as they develop’.

Ellie continued ‘Everyone went away happy and muddy but pleased with their achievements, and amazingly no one fell in. If people want to get involved and help their local wildlife why not come along and join us on a work party, more details are on our website

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