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Spring on Hold

Updated: May 8

Well last week spring was put on hold for a while, with freezing temperatures and snow. The snow has now subsided and temperatures are now back into double figures. Bulbs are starting to pop up after hiding under the cold snowy layer, with Snowdrops, Primroses and Crocuses all starting to bloom.

Here are a few snowy pictures from last week just so you don't forget.

Can you guess which site this picture was taken on?

Well done if you guessed it was Broomscot Common, taken by Laura Cox on 8th February.

This lovely image of Hinderclay Fen Alder Carr woodland in the snow was taken by Rowena Langston on 9th February.

Not an LOHP site but not far away this picture taken by Nick Lingwood on 7th February shows off the lovely yellow Gorse flowers on Wortham Ling against a very snowy backdrop.

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