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Spring has Sprung

Updated: May 8

Although things are a bit strange now, life still goes on and if you can get out for your daily exercise or out into your garden then you cannot miss that spring has sprung and wildlife is abundant.

Blossom is out on the trees; spring flowers are abundant and there are broods of baby ducklings filling up duck ponds all over the place. Bees and butterflies are a welcome sight with Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange-tip and Holly Blue all being spotted in gardens.

Blackthorn Hedge – Reeves Meadows - © Rowena Langston

Migratory birds are arriving back to our shores, listen out for Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps belting out their songs. As the remaining Redwings are leaving us Swallows are already returning.

After all the winter rains and this nice warm spell, it is providing the perfect conditions for plants to grow, which means much more work for our volunteers when we can get back out there. Until then we are very happy to welcome back the Redpoll cattle who will help us manage our sites by munching their way through the vegetation.

Cows and Claves on Webbs Fen - © Rowena Langston

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