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Check for Ticks

Updated: May 8

It's that time of year again when we are all out and about enjoying the countryside. We are not the only ones out and about, at this time of year the moist conditions and longer vegetation are perfect habitats for ticks, which are more active between spring and autumn. These small spider-like creatures wait on vegetation for their host to pass, and then climb on. They bite the skin and feed on blood for several days. Often found on deer and livestock they can also attach themselves to humans and dogs.

It's always worth staying on well defined paths, so you don't brush against long vegetation. Wear light coloured clothing so ticks can be easily seen and brushed off. After being out walking always check yourselves and pets for ticks. This leaflet from Public Health England gives you more information about ticks.

Public Health England Tick Leaflet
Download PDF • 1.83MB

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