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Updated: May 8

We are excited to have a once-in-lifetime opportunity to purchase a key piece of land which provides both a vital link in our chain of wildlife sites along the Little Ouse river, and a new gateway for visitors to the valley. Reeves Meadows run from ancient Thelnetham Church down to the river, and reunite the rich wildlife sites of Hinderclay Fen and the Thelnetham and Blo-Norton Fens. They also link Carr Meadow, our most recent acquisition, to these sites, providing even greater possibilities for enhancing the wildlife and landscape of this already internationally important area. The opportunity to provide a discrete parking area close to the road will be welcomed by the many people who enjoy walking the valley's many footpaths and discovering its rich wildlife, from otters to orchids.

To secure Reeves Meadows as an integral link in the Little Ouse wildlife corridor, and for the enjoyment of future generations, we urgently need to raise £140,000. Please visit our appeal page and help make this dream a reality.

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