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Other Volunteering

Volunteer with LOHP

LOHP relies on the enthusiasm and diverse skills of local people for its success. Although we use contractors for larger management tasks. New volunteers are always needed to spread the load and to help us achieve more for the wildlife, landscape and enjoyment of our valley. The time given by volunteers is doubly useful because much of it counts as 'in kind' contributions towards some of our larger projects; the monetary value of volunteer time is used to increase the size of grant we receive.

turf pond creation Hinderclay Fen 200809

Getting muddy!

All contributions are valued, from substantial regular involvement to just a few hours here and there. Just a few of many possible volunteering opportunities are suggested on this page. If you want to try a new skill, LOHP may be able to help with training to get you started. Getting muddy is not compulsory!

  • Events Assistant

  • Newsletter Distribution Co-ordinator

  • Survey Co-ordinator and Analyst

  • Work Party Volunteer

  • Riverfly Monitoring

  • Compiling histories of LOHP sites and landscapes 

  • Creative Arts - interpreting the valley through creative writing and the visual arts

  • Photography

  • Water Level Surveys

  • Writing accounts of favourite walks that can be taken through the valley

  • Site Warden

  • Level Surveys

  • Soil Sampling

  • Footpath Warden

  • Construction Projects (eg bridge building)

  • Biological Recording (botanical, invertebrates - butterfly surveys, mammals)

  • Legacy Campaign Promotion

  • Historical Research and Archiving

  • Photocopying and scanning material for the LOHP archive

  • Compiling and maintaining the archive

  • Financial Planning

  • Membership Recruitment

  • Legal Adviser

  • Trustee

  • Health and Safety Officer

  • Building a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the LOHP area

  • Public Relations and Advertising

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Fund Raising

To find out more about any of these opportunities, or to offer other skills, please contact us

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