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Carr Meadow


This little meadow with tall, old hedges and ponds, sits on the south bank of a minor tributary of the Little Ouse. Although surrounded by intensively managed arable land. It is on the southern side of the tributary to Reeves Meadows and is just a stone's throw south of Hinderclay Fen. It was purchased by LOHP in 2015 to ensure the future of its spring-fed, damp grassland - now a very rare habitat in lowland England.

Carr Meadow.jpg

Carr Meadow, Hinderclay © R. Langston


Once the field has been re-fenced, traditional grazing management will be restored. This small area was formerly divided into three fields and so we will plant two internal hedgerows to restore it's former intimate landscape character and improve the variety of wildlife habitat it offers.



Pedestrian access to the site is off Fen Road.

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