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Researching Local History

If history is your passion, then we would like to hear from you. We are developing a small group of local historians who can work on projects relating to the rural, social and landscape history of the Little Ouse Headwaters area. The catchment has a rich and varied history, which we are capturing through an archive and a series of specific, small-scale historical studies.

Roly Farr Drummed 3-200.jpg

The results of these studies will feed directly into the care of the sites and landscapes of the Headwaters area. New information will also help us with the Newsletters, leaflets and other kinds of interpretation and publications. We worked with the staff and students of the School of History at the University of East Anglia, who provided us with help and some student placements for three years.

Whether you have a very specific area of interest or expertise, or you are just passionate about the area and its history in general and would like to get involved, please contact us.

Mr Roly Farr of Garboldisham,
contributor to our oral history project

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