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Recording Wildlife

Recording the wildlife of the Little Ouse Headwaters is a very important activity for LOHP. Understanding and documenting biodiversity enables us to assess both the importance of our sites and the ways in which the management we put in place affects their wildlife. 

Suffolk Moth Group Hinderclay Fen Aug200

Suffolk Moth Group, Hinderclay Fen

This is achieved through a combination of commissioned work and volunteer input from both professional biologists and amateur naturalists. We are very fortunate to have had help from many highly skilled volunteers who have generously contributed their time and expertise to help build an inventory of the valley’s changing wildlife.

The records that they collect are supplied to the appropriate biological record centres and recording schemes, and are also stored by LOHP. If you have enquiries about biological records for the area or would like to submit records - either recent or historical - please contact us.  

If you would like to contribute to bat recording within the LOHP recording area you can find further information on our Bat Surveys page.

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