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Oak Tree Fen


With the generous help of the Heritage Lottery Fund in December 2015, LOHP was able to purchase the final piece in the jigsaw of seven sites that now cover the area formerly occupied by Thelnetham Fen. 

Oak tree fen.jpg

Oak Tree Fen, Thelnetham © A. Rivett


The new land lies between Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Thelnetham Middle Fen nature reserve to the west and LOHP Webbs Fen to the east. LOHP Bleyswyck Bank separates it from the river Little Ouse to the north. It comprises of two wet meadows (named small and large), an old green lane lined in places by ancient coppiced Hazels, and wet woodland. During 2016 we will be surveying the soils and wildlife of the new area and considering how best to manage it to enhance its value for wildlife and particularly for species that rely on fen habitats. The larger of the two meadows is agriculturally improved; it is mostly Rye-grass and lacks wildflowers and the many species that depend on them. This will be a particularly interesting and challenging area to restore for fen wildlife.


Access through the new site is currently along the green lane from the corner of Fen Lane and Loggers Lane, Thelnetham. The path turns west into Thelnetham Middle Fen, where a kissing gate and boardwalk give access to LOHP Parkers Piece and an extensive network of paths through the Little Ouse Fens.

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