News from our Conservation Manager

Hello, I'm Ellie Beach Conservation Manager for Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP), welcome to my page 'News from our Conservation Manager' where I will keep you up to date with what is going on down on the fens. I will update the page as often as I can when I have intersting news, the main news page will still be used for any important articles.


Conservation Manager Talk LOHP AGM 2019

Friday evening 29th November saw our 18th Annual General Meeting of LOHP held at Garboldisam Village Hall. The event was really well attended with over 100 people joining us and bringing along plates of food to share afterwards, which was very generous. After the more formal part of the AGM it was my turn. This was my largest audiance for a talk for LOHP so far, and it went really well, I spoke about what we had been up to over the year with particular focus on New Fen, Reeves Meadows and our Water Vole Raft Project which lead on nicely to the main speakers talk.


Darren Tansley Talk LOHP AGM 2019

Darren Tansley from Essex Wildlife Trust joined us as our main speaker for the evening, his talk on 'Saving Ratty - What is the future of the Water Vole' was really informative. I have heard Darren talk in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it along with the audience who asked lots of questions afterwards. Darren's talk was followed by the annual raffle and then food and mingling.