All about Peat


Peat Fest: A celebration of what’s under our feet!

Monday 7th May 2018 from 10am to 3pm

based at Thelnetham Windmill IP22 1JS and Blo'Norton Village Hall


All welcome. FREE entry, activities and parking: dogs on short leads welcome


Entertainment for all the family including​:


  • peat and fen wildlife themed children's activities on Parkers Piece opposite the Windmill, and at Blo'Norton Village Hall
  • ART exhibition on the theme of peat and valley fen landscape and wildlife - framed originals, prints and cards from the diverse and talented artists from the LOHP's Creative Arts group togther with other well-known local artisists including Rosemary Humphries, Rebecca Whatley, Sarah Bidewell, Sue Lawrence, Deborah Key and Bev Blackburn. Sales will also include an anthology by LOHP's Nick Lingwood, Sue Heaser's delightful children's tale A Midsummer Hare set in the Little Ouse/Waveney headwaters, and the opportunity to order copies of Tim Holt Wilson's beautiful book Sources. This explores the ageless life of water in the Little Ouse valley and its tributaries, and its relationship to people, places, plants and animals.

  • displays and information about the formation of peat, its historical and current importance to local communities and its importance for wildlife 

  • displays from Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Parkers Piece) and local bee keepers (Village Hall)

  • additional guided walks, at 12.00 and 13.30, along the river, though the fens and woods to the Blo'Norton Village Hall art exhibition (tea/coffee and children's art activities also available there)

  • food stalls - Silver Nutmeg (cakes, savories & cold dinks) Pizza Tree (wood-fired pizzas), Peachey's hot dogs, hot drinks at the Mill and Village Hall, and an ice-cream van (weather permitting!)

  • primary schools bunting competition with a fen-theme. On display at Blo'Norton Village Hall with judging at 2pm by Deborah Key, Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Education Officer at Redgrave & Lopham Fen.

  • Thelnetham Windmill tours by the Thelnetham Mill trust team (charge £4/£2)


The peat at LOHP Parkers Piece, opposite Thelnetham Windmill, is deep and old - an amazing 8,000 years old! Minute pollen grains preserved in the peat give us a remarkable record of the plants that grew here throughout this period. They show us that the area was often rather as it is now, with wet meadows, boggy areas and ponds. Sometimes though it was wooded - particularly around 6,000 BC when the woodland was mostly oak and pine.