Who's who

The LOHP has one member of staff - our Conservation Manager. Our trustees are all local residents who bring a wide variety of skills to the Project. The parish councils in the project area are also invited to nominate one trustee from their village. Mini-profiles of our trustees and other key volunteers can be obtained by clicking on their names in the following lists:

LOHP staff:
Rob Martyr Conservation Manager
LOHP Trustees:
Paul Brown  
Nigel Clark Hinderclay Fen warden
Edward Coales Hon. Treasurer, Finance working-group chair
Peter Coster Chair and South Lopham nominee
Pete Fox Hon. Secretary
Rob Fuller Conservation Strategy working-group chair
Bob Hayward Vice-chair and Redgrave Parish Council nominee
David Hodkinson  
Rowena Langston Monitoring working-group chair, Hinderclay Fen warden
Reg Langston Land management working-group chair, Hinderclay Fen warden and PC nominee
Jo Pitt Communiations working-group chair, Blo' Norton PC trustee and Fen warden
John McCormack Garboldisham PC nominee and Broomscot Common warden
Helen Smith The Frith warden

Other key figures involved in running the LOHP:

Nicola Dixon GIS organiser
Sarah Grieveson Riverlink Appeal Director
Henry Walker LOHP Project Manager
Sam Franks Bat recording co-ordinator
Peter and Tim Frizzell LOHP Estate Managers
Mike Harding Project Manager - Thelnetham new land
Sylviane Moss Biological data manager
Arthur Rivett Mammal and Photography Group volunteer
Nicky Rowbottom Newsletter editor
Bev Blackburn Events manager and volunteer co-ordinator
Sue Lawrence

Meetings secretary and Membership Secretary

Margaret Malley Events volunteer
Laura Cox Broomscot Common and Scarfe Meadows warden

External advisors on our working-groups include:

Dorothy Casey  
Neil Armor-Chelu  
Partick Robinson